Sparks on Kindling

Black students congregating under the white students’ tree.  Nooses hung on said tree.  It is recommended that white students get expelled but instead get an in-school suspension.  Black students stage a protest (allegedly peaceful), police break it up.  Numerous fights between whites and blacks occur.  District Attorney J. Reed Walters issues his now-famous statement “I can end your lives with the stroke of a pen.  White student pulls a gun on a black student, who wrestles the gun away from him; black student charged with theft.  White student attacks black students for going to a white party, and gets probation.  Black students attack white student and get charged with attempted murder.

In the meantime, someone sets the school on fire.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton both show up.  Thousands march on the town.  On the 6:30 news a bunch of black people talk about how racism is still prevalent today and a bunch of white people talk about how Jena, Louisiana is not a racist town.

My, we’re a touchy bunch, aren’t we?

The Guardian sees this as an everyday story in America, apart from the nooses.  I see it as sparks on kindling.


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