Typical Day

Tired Man7:00 Have a first-time meeting with someone with whom I have one degree of separation at least 3 different ways. Only in Buffalo would this happen. (Buffalo is not a small town; it’s a closet).

8:00 Take a couple hours to participate in meeting number two, which has to do with WNY but nothing to do with my job

10:30 Get back to work and start in on the morning work load

10:40 Leave for a 10:45 client meeting that I forgot to write down on my calendar

1:30 Get back from client meeting and start in on the morning work load

2:00 Meet with fellow employee who needs to complain about another employee (one more HR issue to defuse)

3:00 Meet with a potential client that my Sales manager set up at the last minute

4:00 Leave for a 4:30 appointment that I will most likely miss because it will take me 45 minutes to get there

5:05 Start in on my morning work load.

Screw it. It’s Friday. I’ll try once again to catch up over the weekend.

Weeks like this make me question whether or not entrepreneurial ventures are worth all the aggravation.


One Response to Typical Day

  1. Jeff says:

    Hey, you stole my day!

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