Biting My Lip

Canker SoreI accidentally bit the inside of my lip a couple days ago, which usually means that by now I would have had a full-blown canker sore. Lysine supplements seem to help shorten the canker sore’s lifespan, as does avoiding chocolate, peanut butter, apples and pineapples for the next week. For once I was able to do all the right things and avoided having the inside of my mouth ulcerate for the next two weeks.

So why am I writing about canker sores? Because other than being painful to have around, they have nothing to do with the almost limitless fusillade of dreadful news that’s been spewing out of my Internet connection this past week. Both national and local news sites – and national and local blogs – have gone out of their way to develop up to the minute coverage on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Congressional ethics violations, campaign skullduggery, Bush Administration double-speak, bleak Iraq War progress reports, Virginia Tech, New York State government abandonment, Brazil train crashes and finally, an Iraqi weapon of mass destruction found, in all places, at the U.N. building in New York City.

This has been such a demoralizing news week that my generally Pollyannaish attitude is taking a back seat to some of the harsh realities of current events. I have to do something to get out from under all this funk.

So this week I spent my evenings rebuilding the storage shed in my back yard, and this weekend I will finish it. It has been my therapy, the way in which I put aside all the crap that’s going on to accomplish something beneficial, even if it’s just for me.


One Response to Biting My Lip

  1. Chris Saven says:

    The best way to treat canker sore is to gargle Bactidol (antibacterial) or use some rock salt as a home remedy. `*:.”

    Till next time“>

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