Possible Buffalo Pundit Story #8

WNYMedia LogoOnce again, Buffalo Pundit has been forced to take an unexpected vacation from his always eloquent, grammatically correct and sometimes witty writing.  But if BP were able to write, he’d possibly have recorded something about Alberto Gonzales’ resignation as U.S. Attorney General.  BP might possibly say that the AG’s resignation has brought glee to the hearts of many Democrats and perhaps a sigh of relief to as many Republicans, who now have one less issue to worry about during their upcoming election campaigns. 

BP might also relate AG’s resignation and the Republican Party’s ongoing ethical struggles to Idaho Senator Larry Craig, whom we all know now is not gay.  A hypocrite, and perhaps an idiot, but not gay.  Or perhaps to the ethical struggles of Rick Renzi or Ted Stevens.  Certainly BP might possibly write that the Republican Party and conservatives in general don’t have much of a claim anymore to having the better moral compass, so they’d perhaps better come up with a new campaign platform if they intend not to lose even more Congressional seats.  Traditional Family Values for Everyone but Elected Officials just doesn’t cut it.

BP might just say that it is clear that if the Democratic Party had any brains (and some might strongly argue that they do not), they would learn from the recent Republican Party missteps and

  • Keep their noses clean
  • Immediately castigate any member of their own party who does not.

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