Millionaire Stupidity

DogfightingI’ve been trying to get my head around Michael Vick, a person formerly worth millions of dollars, who threw it all away because he decided to own a stake in a blood sport.

What I don’t get is his willingness to host the Bad Newz Kennels on his property. Had he participated as a rabid spectator in a blood sport, he could have easily pleaded mea culpa to the public and gotten away with a hand slap and fawning consideration from his fans. Instead, he took part in electrocutions and drownings, and turned off everyone associated with him. In the process, he tossed his 130 million dollar contract out the window. I guess money doesn’t make you any less stupid.

The NFL may rise to the occasion by sentencing Vick to a lifetime ban; but my cynical side thinks that some NFL owner (Jerry Jones comes to mind) may put profit before ethics and try to bring him back after he’s done his jail time.

Hopefully, Vick will fade quietly into obscurity, much like Zacarius Moussauoi.  And when what money he’s got left runs out, he will.


2 Responses to Millionaire Stupidity

  1. Richelle says:

    i agree with you completely!!

  2. Agency Nurse says:

    You are giving Vick too much credit for intelligent thinking. He is a football player who probably grew up knowing about dog fighting, because his family was involved in it some way. Nobody said he was a rocket scientist. And dog fighting is a lucrative business, just like cock fighting, and barefisted fighting matches. There is an audience for all these things, and monied people will pay for the spectacle. Vick’s downfall was doing things in a way where he could directly be connected with it. Let him NOT fade into obscurity, because he is too talented for that and I want to see him play in the NFL. In America anyone can make a comeback from anything. Besides, there is always another story breaking in the NFL, and I’m sure there will a sex or murder scandal in the NFL to take the heat off Vick. Or are those considered superior to killing dogs?

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