Millionaire Stupidity, Part 2

I forgot to mention Marcus Vick.  Marcus, of course, was previously more infamous than his brother Michael, but never really got to the stupid millionaire stage because he lost control while still in college.  Just prior to the 2006 NFL draft many critical articles were written about Marcus.  Several of those articles pleaded that Marcus not be compared to his already-famous brother Michael.  This one got me to think about the façades that we all erect, and whether it was simply Michael’s misfortune to get caught.

Near the end of the aforementioned article the sports writer wrote:  “During his abbreviated college career, Marcus Vick was compared frequently and favorably to Michael. The comparisons should stop. By all accounts, Michael Vick is an exemplary citizen who has done his best to point his brother along the straight and narrow.”

That writer is probably rethinking those words.


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