Jihad: the Musical

The MusicalJihad: the Musical is making the radio rounds.  NPR had an article today that, frankly, embarrassed me because I laughed through some of the song lyrics.  I love to find humor in everything, but this made me stop and call myself an idiot for thinking it was funny.  I am reminded of my high school days when I thought Polish jokes were funny.

You Tube has the big number here.  I cringed the second time I heard it.

Some issues are better off not being exploited like this.  If Jihad: the Musical becomes a hit outside of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I can imagine the musicals that would follow:

  • Phantom of the Darfur
  • Puttin’ on the Auschwitz
  • Young Jeffrey Dahmer (hell, this one’s already an off-Broadway play)

We need to turn our backs on this stuff.


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