Here’s Looking at You

SpiesOne can never have enough spy agencies.

This web site identified 38 of them for the U.S back in 2002.  I hope that’s enough for us but I would hazard a guess that since the Iraq invasion our government has created even more.  Most of these are *ahem* interesting in that they are no longer accessible.  Are most spy agencies fly-by-night operations, or is there some other reason why so many of them are now 404’d?

Officially there are 16 agencies that comprise the U.S. Intelligence Community.  The links on the official web site are pretty banal:  Our Mission, Employment Opportunies, the usual stuff you might expect on a web site.  Many have some very good historical perspectives – justifications for their continued existence, I guess.  The Welcome statement on this web site, with its “regardless of time or location” finale, is particularly scary.  Big Brother is watching.

Even though we have 16 intelligence agencies we couldn’t get it right on Iraq and Osama bin Laden is still running loose; but I’m sure that the U.S. has more than enough capability to tap my phone and my email any time they want.


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