WNY’s Premier Portal

BNIAWhat’s the first impression that a business traveler or tourist gets as that person exits the Buffalo Airport?

An empty, decrepit hotel (actually, two).  A half-dozen completely unsynchronized traffic lights.  Road construction (that’s been ongoing for 4 years!).  One of the most congested streets in Western New York.

It took me as long to drive the 1 ½ miles from the eastern edge of the airport to the Kensington entrance as it did to drive the Kensington to downtown Buffalo.  I watched the same light change four times for what appeared to be no good reason.  I have had to put up with this two-mile stretch of road taking 4 years to complete.

Cheektowaga should be alarmed, as should the NFTA, the DOT and every local government official.  As the gateway to Buffalo this short stretch of road should be the easiest and glitziest road in the county.  Instead it’s an embarrassment.

The airport has come a long way since the 90’s.  Its environs have not.

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