Unshackling New York

New York EconomyIn what amounts to be a throwing in the towel approach to journalism, today’s Buffalo News printed an AP article on page B9 (the third and last page of the News’ financial section) entitled “Hawaii is the Costliest State for Business”.


And subtitled New York is Ranked Second.

Maybe this was a last-second addition to a late press run, but I would have thought that, given the state of our upstate economy for the past twenty-seven years and all the attempts to jumpstart it, this article would have enraged the News’ editorial staff to read how little progress has been made to get New York back on a competitive footing with the rest of the country. But it didn’t; there are no remarks elsewhere in the paper. The article is also buried on the News’ web site as well.

We are so far behind the curve that even with dramatic reductions to the Workman’s Compensation program we still pull up the rear. And the view from back there is not good.

One of the more recent (and semi-successful) campaigns that has been rattling a few sabers is the Unshackle Upstate campaign. Consider joining it and others like it.


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