Sushi Places in Buffalo

About every 4-6 weeks I need a sushi fix.  I’m due real soon now for another foray into Japanese cuisine.  Places that I know about: Sushi

Kunis To Go: Never been there. I hear it’s great. His previous restaurant (Kuni’s) was the best in WNY, I would expect nothing less from this place. He even put in the effort to create a unique web site; quality all the way.

Papaya Restaurant: Never been here either, but it’s on my to-do list.

Shogun: Palatable and especially useful at times, like New Year’s Eve, when you simply want to get something to bring home and nibble on while waiting for the ball to drop.

O: This is definitely a unique sushi bar; at least it was the last time my wife and I ate there, what with the live Salsa music playing in the background. Expensive and good.

Fuji Grill in Amherst: Ate lunch there. Excellent food and service. Don’t try the coffee.

Sakura: My favorite because of its variety. For taste, it’s probably more middle of the pack but hey, it’s in Cheektowaga and not far from anywhere.

Sea Bar: Opened in July of 2007. It’s run by Mike Andrzejewski, so it’s bound for greatness. It’s also on Main Street in Williamsville; how convenient. I will be going there for lunch any day now.

Wasabi: Never been there and had only heard of it very recently. Reviews of the place are interesting.

Wegmans: Only if you are desperate.

There are probably several other sushi places in the Buffalo area that I have not yet heard about. My near-term plans include trying them all, especially now that my wife are I are soon to be empty-nesters.

One Response to Sushi Places in Buffalo

  1. janice says:

    i’m the owner of sushitei indonesia, the sushi looks very inspiring even though,my chef won the international japanese sushi making contest,he is inspired that a starter like you could make something like that.but he bet that the sushi you make doesn’t have the taste he make.yours is just nice looking but bad taste…sorry to say that..doesn’t mean that you are a bad sushi maker…^^

    practice makes perfect..
    janice n janivan

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