Finding the Balance

Norma NowakA few people that I know seem to have found the balance that I’ve pretty much spent my entire life trying to find.  I often speak about my wife, who is one of those who simply completes the challenges before her, successfully balancing a demanding husband and family with career and personal life.

Norma Nowak is also one of those people.  Norma is world renowned for her work in genomics at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (and now Empire Genomics as well),  instrumental in the development of the NYS Center for Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences; she’s been a Buffalo ambassador forever, is extremely personable and, oh yeah, is raising two teenage boys as well.  She appears to be able to successfully juggle family, career and community demands for her time without showing signs of wear and tear.  I think she has figured out how to be awake at all times, because there’s no way that anyone who needs sleep can accomplish as much as she does in a normal day.

There are certainly other Normas in Western New York, but Norma came to mind today.  I hope she does not take offense by my bragging about her.


One Response to Finding the Balance

  1. Laura Freeburg says:

    I just want to say, Norma,to me Aunt Norma, is the mother of my two Cousins, Colin and Kerry and the wife to my late Uncle Tommy. My Aunt Norma is a wonderful person which I look up to during my every day life. She probably does not realize how much she touches her own families lives. She has inspired me to reach for the stars and to go and do what ever it is I want to do. When ever I see her she ALWAYS has a smile on her face and is ALWAYS interested in how I am doing. She always answers the phone with such a pleasurable Hello and always makes sure to ask about how everyone else is doing. It’s funny because until I was in high school I always just thought she was my Aunt. Today, however, she is the miracle woman. She has raised her sons to be intelligent and to have common sense, to be family oriented and have their own goals as well. This woman, my Aunt, should be awarded on a daily basis for her strength and stability.

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