Bloggers Consider Forming Labor Union

I don’t know what to make of this article in AP News and the Huffington Post. Bloggers (mostly left-leaning, apparently) are considering forming a union for health care benefits, collective bargaining strength and maybe even to be able to set some professional standards. One key statement was that bloggers were entitled to the benefits brought about by union organization. Another was that bloggers need health benefits because of the damage that sitting at a desk all day in front of a keyboard and mouse does to the body. Oh yeah, and something about gaining weight and having your ass get wider and wider.

Blogging, which I always thought was the natural result of Internet anarchy, is the last thing I would expect to be organized under negotiated rules. I can’t imagine what creative writing in that environment would be like. I think I would immediately stay away from any web site that carried a union label. It would polarize the blogging community.

Conservative bloggers are less supportive of a union movement. On this issue I’m definitely on their side.

I hope this article is a joke. But it doesn’t look like one.

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