Ben Folds Live

Back in November 2006 I went to only my second live concert since college because my son, who was 17 at the time, did not have enough driving experience for my wife and me to justify allowing him to drive the roughly one hour to and from Geneseo State College.  Ben Folds was a master with both his keyboards and his audience.  Everyone sang along, to practically every song.  These were diehard fans of a very good entertainer.

This was a college entertainer, entertaining a college crowd.  I was one of few, very few, gray-haired people in the place.  I wonder if the kids around me wondered why I was there.

It was standing room only – there were no seats.  My son and I were in the front row, up against the stage, our reward for waiting two or three hours in the cold prior to the start of the concert.  Acoustics from the front row are always good.  I saw nuance that I had never seen before, like Ben Folds occasionally accidentally spitting into the microphone, and the band members cueing each other with little glances.

It was one of the best things I ever did with either of my kids.


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