Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

You do not have to read far into this Wikipedia article to understand why the English language is both difficult to master and beautifully rich.  Homophones wreak havoc with most people (witness the number of times the word “its” is confused with “it’s“, even by people who know better); add in a few hundred thousand words that have attained subtle alternate meanings, and mastering the language becomes all the harder.  Then add to that the problems associated the difference between phonetics of the spoken tongue and the spellings of those same words (dough, pneumatic, two) and integrate some foreign words for yucks (rendezvous, potpourri, khaki).  The complexities of English could spell its future doom.

English is a beautiful, multi-cultural language not afraid to embellish itself with the best from other languages.  But in our haste for visual entertainment, and our willingness to de-emphasize reading, we run great risk in sacrificing our native language for a low-cal substitute, which will become foreign to other English-speaking peoples of the world.

The English language may be destined to become another Latin:  Historically significant, but replaced with simpler, similar but dissimilar offshoots.

I intend to live this language to its fullest.


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