Recycling for Recycling’s Sake

Girl RecyclingThe front page of today’s Buffalo News has an article on community recycling.  It cites Buffalo as having a woeful history of recycling, down to 7% of households from a peak of 14% in the 90’s and well below the federal average of 32% of municipal households.

The article discusses a reward system for incentivizing municipal recycling:  Paying households, via discount coupons to popular retailers, for every pound of recycled material.  The recycling coordinator responsible for monitoring Philadelphia’s pilot incentive program was quoted as saying that its key selling point was not the incentive rewards.  It was that residents could “throw all recyclables in one container without separating them.”

Are we lazy, or what?  If only we could recycle from our couches.

Conservation is obviously not high on Man’s list of important duties.

I applaud the ingenuity of the incentive approach but, like most other government programs involving money, an incentive program will quickly turn into an entitlement program. 

I’m surprised the News didn’t mention this.

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