More Sushi

More SushiCheektowaga is not known for its collective culinary tastes.  It’s the local heartland of the fast food joint.  The town where non-Pizza Hut pizza would be considered exotic food.  Where there’s a twenty-minute wait at the McDonald’s drive-in.  Where breakfast waitresses will ask “Want fries with that oatmeal?”

On Union Road just north of Walden Avenue sits the Sakura Japanese restaurant.  It has the usual sushi items, and additionally a long list of specialty rolls.  My first experience there, shortly after it opened, was okay but not great.  Since then it’s become my sushi place of choice, although I’m really not sure if that’s due to convenience (it’s the closest sushi place to both work and home) or if it really stands head-to-toe with the others.  Excepting the first encounter, the food there has been good enough for me to keep coming back.

Regardless, the ambiance is great (just stay away from the front door:  too distracting), the service is quite fast, the variety is remarkable, and the prices are very reasonable.

Sakura is highly recommended.

An absolutely delightful Pacific Rim restaurant is the Lemon Grass in Moultonborough, New Hampshire.  The owner/chef, Bob Love, has opened a few restaurants around Lake Winnipesaukee, all of which are highly praised.  Lemon Grass is yet another great find and highly recommended should you be traveling to central New Hampshire.  It’s well worth going out of your way for.

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