Buffalo Pundit is running for public office – Erie County Legislator, actually, against an 18-year incumbent.  He has little chance.  Of avoiding the negative campaigning against him.  Which will begin about…now.

BP puts his views on paper for the world to see.  Someone from Mike Ranzenhofer’s campaign staff will dig back through the last couple of years of BP’s blog articles to find conflicting statements and ammunition that can be construed as publicly controversial and try to scorch him with it.  It’s the way campaigning is done these days.  Maybe Ranzenhofer’s campaign manager will play nice  instead, but probably not.

The comments on BP’s campaign blogs are already interesting.  Even though BP announced just last week that he was running and has only written a few blogs about the campaign, you can sense from the comments to date that writers from the fringe will be out in force, just waiting for him to publish another article so they can pounce.  Other than exposing them for people who probably should have paid more attention to their grammar lessons in high school, up to this point the comments don’t generally amount to much more than whining.

So to all you whiners:  I think it’s great that that you want to tell BP and the world what’s wrong with BP and world; but if you would be so kind as to also suggest a solution or two, it would be appreciated by everyone looking for solutions.  Even wacky solutions, as you never know what ideas they might conjure up.  Constructive comments are always appreciated, and the commenters respected, much more than those who simply rant.

Best of luck to BP and his campaign, and to Mike Ranzenhofer’s campaign as well.  May they be fair and respectful.  And I hope that BP continues to find the time to publish.

2 Responses to Ammunition

  1. Good luck! I can tell you one thing. At least here in Colorado negative campaigning has backfired on more than one occasion.

    Most of us could care less about a DUI conviction more than twenty years ago, or a bounced check etc.

    I myself at least, have noticed one thing in common about people that have been running for office; That being that any squeaky clean type of person either didn’t get caught, or, they are from some candy land and are incapable of knowing what the real world is like, and therefore have no true solutions to present. Only offering the politically correct punch line of the day.

  2. Paul says:

    What makes this contest (and another candidate, Rus Thompson) interesting is that the upstart candidate has been blogging for years, has written hundreds of “position statements”, has demonstrated his willingness to take a position, and is an eloquent writer to boot.

    His being known to the Western New York blogging community alone isn’t going to help him much in his attempt to take the election from an entrenched incumbent (since the blogging community is just a tiny tiny fraction of the voting population) but at least we’re going to see a very different kind of candidate, who is something more than just sound bites.

    Thank you for your comment.


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