New York State: Where Our Money Goes

Here’s the breakdown (in 2005) of how our state government spent our tax dollars.

Economic Assistance 31.3%
Public Safety 17.3%
General Government 13.3%
Health 11.3%
Transportation 7.1%
Interest on Debt 6.3%
Community Services 6.2%
Education 5.3%
Culture-Recreation 1.9%

The percentages vary a little from year to year, but not by much. Unfortunately, the 2nd-fastest growing category is General Government. Only Education is growing at a faster rate. Surprisingly, the rate at which the State spends money on health care is barely rising at the rate of inflation.

Small wonder that when almost 14% of the population lives below the poverty line, New York would spend so much money on economic assistance. I was shocked that one-third of the State’s expenditures are in this category.

People who can, are still leaving. Is it a surprise why this state has so much difficulty keeping existing business and attracting new business? Not really. Our state legislators have been very generous in the past, and that generosity will haunt us for generations to come.

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