Doin’ It for the Money

Britain decided to expel four Russian diplomats over the Litvinenko case, and the Russians are likely to respond in kind. But economic trade won’t be affected between the two countries. Too much money involved.

China continues to accumulate human rights violations and is still a communist government. Western governments pretty ignore this and trade activity continues apace. Too much money involved.

The U.S. would probably have gotten involved in Iraq about as much as it got involved in Rwanda or Sudan, had it not been for the economic significance of Iraq and the lack of economic significance of Rwanda and Sudan.

The U.S. pretty much stood by as Yugoslavia disintegrated.

We didn’t jump into North Korea, either, and considering that they have The Bomb I’m really surprised that the Bush Doctrine wasn’t implemented immediately.

We seemed to have gotten involved in Vietnam – and Grenada as well – on the basis of the Truman Doctrine (containment of communism). Since then the justification for the unilateral use and non-use of our armed forces seems just a bit more capricious. It doesn’t seem to be for humanitarian reasons: We’ve sat back and watched millions of Sundanese, Rwandans and Kosovans massacred in the past decade and a half. It doesn’t seem to be for the containment of communism nor because of impending threats of rogue states that have weapons of mass destruction.

Yeah, this is my opinion only but during my generation we seem to pick and choose our battles based on the potential economic gains or losses. Why doesn’t our government get honest about this? It would at least provide for a consistent foreign policy that matches our actions.

Honesty in government. That would be nice.


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