Save the Condiments

My wife and I went to a really good Asian-Pacific restaurant the other day.  The menu was refreshingly original and we struggled to pick from the selection of entrées. 

We had a great conversation with our waiter over hot spices (the more the better!) to the point where the owner got involved with finding out just how spicy we wanted our meal.  The waiter proceeded to provide us a small bowl of Thai bird chiles which he suggested we use as a garnish.  We eventually got an even larger bowl, as we used up the original bowl on the appetizers alone.

The chiles made a great meal even better, but here’s the kicker.  After we had finished the meal the owner came by and picked up the bowl, saying something like “I need this back”.

Did he intend to reuse the leftover peppers?  If so, either they are very expensive (they’re not) or his place isn’t cutting it financially.  It left me a little dismayed as to why he would do this.  After all, my wife and I both stuck our fingers in the bowl to pinch enough peppers to sprinkle on the food.  I don’t think the Health Department would sign off on this.

I hope this isn’t a regular thing in restaurants.


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