The International Flavor of Western New York

Indian PeopleMy work takes me to various locales in WNY.  If I stayed exclusively in, say, East Aurora or West Seneca I might be convinced that we are a relatively homogeneous, WASP-ish community.

But that’s not the case.  A quick trip to Amherst – especially near UB – or downtown Buffalo quickly reveals how diverse and culturally rich this community is.

There is no better place to witness this diversity than at the airport.  Next time you are in line at airport Security, peer into the crowd and count up the number of people of different nationalities, cultures and races.  In the line this morning, every fourth person or so was a minority (assuming that Caucasian is the majority).  I was also impressed with the number of people who pulled out non-U.S. passports as IDs.  I don’t think they were all tourists just visiting the Falls.

Buffalo has always struck me as non-homogenous.  You need only look at the eclectic mix of restaurants to know how many different cultures have settled here.  My experience at the airport only confirms this.

We may not be a community with lots of cash,  but Western New York has a richness that is hard to find elsewhere.


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