At the Top of Poplar Hill

Wethersfield WindmillsBiking through the countryside has become a necessity for me. It is a stress reducer, a calming influence, almost a religious experience. I get the same endorphin high climbing a hill as I used to get running 5 miles when my knees were healthy. Biking helps to cleanse my soul.

This past weekend I biked out to Wethersfield to visit the windmills at the top of the hill. Although you can see them from a distance, you cannot hear them until you are almost directly below them; they sound to me like what jets flying overhead sound like. I don’t think noise pollution by windmill is a legitimate complaint about them.

Visual pollution by windmill, however, might be legitimate. The white tri-bladed towers have a high-tech appeal but they definitely change the view from a distance, much like an asphalt highway breaks up the view close up. Most of us would claim that for all their disruption to the scenery, we need roads. Likewise, regardless of their impact on the scene, we need the windmills if we intend to break our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

In 200 years the Wethersfield windmills will be quaint reminders of bygone days.


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