Putting Space Between Work and Home

My job lends itself to allowing me to bring my work home.  For five years, maybe longer, I have spent countless evenings and weekends at the kitchen table pounding out work-related documents on my laptop.  I don’t recall the last time I worked that mythical 40-hour week.  60 is the norm.

With the conclusion of some major time-consuming projects the work load has returned to more normal levels.  I don’t expect to be completely free from bringing my work home but perhaps, just perhaps, I’ll be able to get to all those woodworking and other projects that have been sitting unfinished in my basement.

Just walking around the block on Friday with my wife was idyllic.  I’m looking forward to more free blue-sky evenings like this.

2 Responses to Putting Space Between Work and Home

  1. Wasim says:

    seems like alot of hours

  2. Paul says:

    The long hours really have/had become a habit. Start by 6:45 AM, get home for dinner, work into the evening. 12-hour days were pretty typical and even if you discount the evening time, the Saturday or Sunday spent hunched over the laptop made up the difference.

    As long as I can, I plan to restrict my work-related activity to accommodate more time on home-related projects, family and personal activities. Everyone needs a life outside of work, including me. Home life has definitely been the thing that’s suffered the most.


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