Buffalo Old Home Week

This is the week when all those ex-pats have been invited back to the area to enjoy activities organized around them, a veritable show-and-tell of Buffalo.  The schedule of events can be found here.

Buffalo Geek’s Chris Smith has been one of the chief organizers of the event and has devoted a number of blog entries (and obviously, significant time) to it.  The events are varied and should be of interest to many of us who are still Western New York residents, and not just for those who haven’t been back in a while.

Alas, once they graduate from college it is likely that both of my sons will have to find Buffalo Old Home Week as an excuse to visit, since I expect that they will find more significant career opportunities outside of New York State.  As optimistic as I am about this area and the state turning its economic engine back on, it won’t be appreciably different in the next two to four years to make any difference for my kids. 

Do other cities have an event like this?


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