Setting an Example for Others

So Homeland Security’s computer networks are being hacked at a rate that could choke a horse.  Airport screening hasn’t been going very well, either.  There are still tens of thousands of people living in FEMA trailers two years after Katrina hit, and the levees aren’t fixed.  The first responder communications problems that New York City experienced after 9/11 still haven’t been resolved.  And DHS is demanding that passports be used by any U.S. citizen traveling to Canada, even though none of the recent eventful border crossings would have been prevented by this requirement.

Is there anything that this department can do with any degree of competence?

Security agencies need to be nimble; they need to be able to react in a moment to the changing winds.  DHS is anything but nimble.  They plod along until a national crisis occurs or terrorist plot du jour is discovered, and then institute knee-jerk policies in the face of sudden media attention and White House demands.

DHS is a great example of how a bloated bureaucracy only steps on itself trying to do a job.  Creation of the DHS was the result of the government believing that the statement “We’re from the government; we’re here to help” is not an oxymoronic expression.

My guess at future happenings:  Before he leaves office President Bush will be present Michael Chertoff with the Medal of Freedom for the superb job he’s been doing.

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