Better Use of My Time

Catholic ChurchMy 18-year-old stopped going to church.  He hasn’t really been interested nor inspired by our priests or the Mass in a long time.  It has not been much of a spiritual experience for him.

And of late, for me neither.  Not that it has diminished my faith in God; it’s just that instead of a celebration I feel like I’m attending a dirge.  It doesn’t help that our church has traditionally upheld the more solemn, traditional Catholic Mass – to the point where, excepting perhaps an occasional Picardy third, virtually all selected hymns are in a minor key.  It doesn’t help that when those rare celebratory hymns are played I get a feeling of embarrassment at the hand-clapping. 

It’s been great that the Catholic church has been slow to change with society, as the Church’s foundation is its strength and source of longevity.  Changing my own impression of the Church might be as easy as changing which one I go to, but with a new priest coming on board I’m holding out for perhaps new traditions to start right where I’ve been for the last 15 years.

Is it for churches like mine that so many people have left to find better use of their time on Sunday mornings?


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