They Took My Toothpase!

The toothpaste in my duffel bag was 4 ounces.  Federal aircraft security regulations allow gels and liquids up to 3.4 ounces (100 ml) only, so they confiscated my toothpaste.

Now that (arbitrary, it seems) federal rules have been enacted, manufacturers of toiletries and cosmetics that don’t already make 100 ml sizes are compelled to repackage their products to meet these flight regulations.  My toothpaste, I guess, was manufactured too long ago to pass muster.

I’ll bet that the upcoming 10% reduction in package size will not be met with a 10% reduction in price.  I think it is also likely that one or more of these products will be marketed in bold letters with the phrase “Meets Federal Guidelines for Aircraft Carry-on Luggage!”

If the terrorists have considered packing explosives in toothpaste tubes, I guess that 3.4 ounces of explosive will do less damage than 4 ounces.  Homeland security is always thinking about those crafty terrorists.

With this kind of attention to airport security I have confidence that the next terrorist attack will not involve aircraft.


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