On Gay Marriage and Society

Gay Couple Holding HandsLike the abortion controversy, gay marriage is one of those issues that 10% feel strongly one way, 10% the other way and 80% just wish it would go away. 

I cannot get excited about gay marriage, pro or con.  To those who call it an abomination, I say:  Clean up your own act, first.  There is something terribly wrong when half of all marriages end in divorce, and I don’t think it has anything to do with gays.  To those who pursue gay marriage with militant zeal, I say:  Try taking the high road and work on strengthening the relationships among all domestic partnerships.  Show by example, and the arguments against gay marriage will fall like a house of cards.

To the other 80%, which includes me, it’s like:  Ho hum.  Don’t we have more important things to get riled up about?  I find it discomforting that our society has more of a problem with gay marriage than our society does about poverty.

And for God’s sake, stop trying to label queers as child molesters.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

4 Responses to On Gay Marriage and Society

  1. dethronezionism29 says:

    I for one, am not a Christian or religious person; I am agnostic. And I do agree that there are much much worse problems to deal with than gays having the right to marry; for example, like you said, poverty, corruption in government, wars, etc. However, I still think a nation or society can address the issue still. I know several gay people, and they are nice people, but in all reality, let’s just look at the act.

    The entire animal kingdom is heterosexual with the exceptions of asexual animals, I know, but the mass majority are all heterosexual and have a perfect pattern or sex and procreating. Humans are more conscious than animals, yet animals still by instinct go with the natural press of heterosexual procreation. I understand you have might two men are legitimately in love, but that does still make the act natural? The vagina, for sexual purposes, is in perfect harmony with the penis. Both parts obviously were designed to operate in sexual harmony with each other.

    Sure I know you could technically still get pleasure out of gay sex if you are gay, but the question is not of the pleasure, but of the nature. What do you think? Nice to hear your outlook though.


    • David says:

      Your assertion that homosexuality is characteristic only of humans is actually incorrect. Bonobos (a variation of chimpanzee) perform homosexual acts relatively often, and such acts actually serve a social purpose within their groups. There are other species out there in which homosexual acts are observed, as well.

      It remains, however, that establishing whether or not something is “natural” (the definition of which is usually arbitrary) doesn’t make an argument against that particular thing. It’s also not “natural,” given the definition you seem to be implying, for us to be listening to iPods and driving cars, but we do it all the same.

  2. beautifultaith says:

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  3. wow says:

    Are you kidding me..?

    They are gay and they’re going to hell. This is a sin

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