The Gates Circle Condominium Petition

Please sign the Gates Circle Condominium Petition over at Buffalo Rising.  Alternatively, please sign the ANTI-Gates Circle Condominium paper petition that’s been circulated around town.

I would love to see these partitions each reach 5,000 or more signatures.  Because if you sign, you are more likely to pay attention to what will happen with this project.

But if you don’t, then your lack of enthusiasm, along with the apathy of all the others who didn’t sign, will allow the very few who dominate the urban decision-making process today to further dominate the decision-making process.

Petition-signing is a lot like voting except that the petition generally comes to you so you don’t have to exert as much effort as you would if you had to get to a polling place.  If you sign a few petitions on a regular basis you might get psyched to ratchet it up and actually vote in an election as well.

Readers of this and other Buffalo blogs are probably not culpable here, so please don’t take umbrage.  Those who complain yet expect others to act on their complaint are the ones I take issue with.

Gates Circle is a great place for the right kind of development.  It should be a rallying point for both sides.

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