Lily Dale

Today’s Buffalo News reports that Lily Dale’s summer season begins in a couple of weeks. Lily Dale is all about psychic energy, paranormal phenomena and the spirit world. As much as the Lily Dale web site advertises spiritualism, healing, lectures and workshops, the Mediums are the message.

Walk into any one of the numerous fortune tellers’ homes and get a session where more likely than not they will tell you things about yourself or your spouse or your friends that will get you asking “How could she/he possibly know that?

I haven’t gone down there in many years but it’s on my to-do list. The last time I went, the Medium did not know my name before I told her.  If she were really good I would have thought she’d already know this. Maybe they’ve gotten better over the years.

I’m very much the skeptic. Lily Dale has yet to make a believer out of me, but it is fun, and it’s a beautiful ride from the Buffalo area through Chautauqua county. I wonder if the psychics believe in all this spiritualism, or if they’re just doing it for the money and notoriety.

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