Living in a FEMA Trailer

Google up Living in FEMA Trailers and you’ll get a lot of hits on the people who are still living in them, nearly two years after Katrina hit. 

The government seems to be moving dangerously slowly on relocation and rebuilding, but this is also an unimaginable logistics nightmare so I can’t be too critical.  It’s the upcoming hurricane season that worries me.  Those trailers will not survive another hurricane, even if they were chained to the ground. 

And as for the rebuilding of New Orleans:  We are throwing taxpayer money away trying to rebuild any area below sea level – at least until the government completely rebuilds the levee system to withstand a Category 5 storm.  Billions need to be spent on the levees and this needs to come first.  It is just not happening and until it does all that reconstruction money is just asking to be wasted.


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