Convieniently Exploiting An Inconvenient Truth

The Bush Administration has very recently changed its tune on global warming, and has begun advocating policy changes that would reduce U.S. carbon emissions.  There are many critics who claim that the policy changes don’t nearly go far enough.  Yet it’s still quite the about face from the first six years of this administration to be even talking about it.

Call me cynical, but I don’t think the Administration did this because of new-found belief that humans are causing climate change.  With only 18 months left, I think it’s more that the Administration needs two things really badly:

  • Media diversion from the Iraq War
  • Something noble for which this Administration will be remembered

European and U.S. activist groups have already excoriated the policy as being so vaguely worded as to be obstructionist, so neither of these is likely to materialize.


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