At last weekend’s Hellenic Festival my wife got a little ticked at how I failed to notice open parking spots while we were looking for parking spots.  But when I’m driving I often find that my road-vehicle-pedestrian visual scan severely limits the amount of time that I have to focus on anything else, but for a moment.  All the pedestrians at the festival made it impossible for me to do anything but mind my driving.

Which brings me to Transit Road.  Everyone has a road they love to hate.  Transit Road, especially the area between Walden Avenue and Sheridan Drive, has become my nightmare that I would describe not as sensory overload but as visual vomit.  There are traffic controls everywhere.  There are controls adjacent to other controls, traffic signs next to traffic lights, at the side of the road, even on the road.  Commingled with all this is the advertising:  Business signs and ever more billboards, even the video sign at Andrews Jewelers (which, although modest by today’s video sign standards, never fails to take my attention away from the road).

Trying to find an unfamiliar business while spotting the traffic controls and practicing safe driving while moving at 45 is teetering on the impossible.  For the split second I get to focus in any one direction, before I gaze back at the road, is not nearly enough time to find what I’m looking for.

This is becoming very scary.  How will I feel when I’m 80?

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