Possible Buffalo Pundit Story #7

Possible Buffalo Pundit Story #7

Since he’s been down for so long, I’m making up stories for Buffalo Pundit so you don’t have to.

If Buffalo Pundit were able to write today, he’d possibly write about the music fest planned at Nietzsche’s on Allen Street, during the Allentown Art Festival this coming Saturday. BP might possibly write that the line up includes

2PM Tim Baldwin
3PM Revival (Allman's Tribute)
4PM Celtic Sessions
5PM Sonic Garden (Grateful Dead Tribute)
6PM Anal Pudding
7PM The Corrections
8PM Outlyers
9PM Voice of Cheeze (Zappa Tribute)
10PM Scott Celani Band
11PM 53 Days
12AM Invisible Choir
1AM Lazlo Holyfeld

Pundit would possibly not make fun of the 6 PM headliner but might possibly remark that with that name, they likely will have trouble getting national exposure.


One Response to Possible Buffalo Pundit Story #7

  1. Heh heh. “Pudding”

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