Possible Buffalo Pundit Story #6

Since he’s been down for so long, I’m making up stories for Buffalo Pundit so you don’t have to.

If Buffalo Pundit were able to write today, he’d possibly write about Congress’ attempt to pass an immigration bill.  He might possibly say that maybe Congress should give it the old smell test, and if they did they might realize that the current version doesn’t seem to smell very good.

BP might argue how the bill – which requires tight border security, workforce enforcement and immigrants to willingly move back to their home country every third year for twelve months – could possibly succeed when it is painfully obvious that today’s border security is lax at best, that businesses have no incentive to determine who’s illegal and who’s not, and that most illegal immigrants who are deported today quickly find their way back into the U.S.

Pundit might possibly write that the point system being touted is just another type of quota system that will favor English-speaking educated aliens at the exclusion of the poor and uneducated and that while they’re at it, maybe Congress should change the inscription on the Statue of Liberty to more accurately reflect the types of immigrants they want to allow into this country.

I tend to think that the size of the illegal immigrant problem – 12 million and counting – is not going to be solved by an all-encompassing piece of legislative BS that’s dependent on all parties following a complex set of rules in a sort of honor system.  If Congress really wants to gain control of the illegal immigration problem then they are going to have to suck it up and put together a simple bill with some teeth in it.  I doubt that they would have the balls to do it.  Besides, what would they do without their illegal alien nannies?


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