Possible Buffalo Pundit Story #4

Since he’s been down for so long, I’m making up stories for Buffalo Pundit so you don’t have to.

If Buffalo Pundit were able to write today, he’d possibly write about UB 2020 and the push to grow the University of Buffalo into an academic powerhouse comparable to Ohio State or the University of Michigan.  He’d possibly tell you that Marsha Henderson, VP of External Affairs, has hired a consulting group to interview local businesses and institutions during the month of June to determine what the University is doing right – and wrong – with building the business/research relationship between the University and the rest of Western New York.  BP might possibly say that It’s about time; the University has been a big island onto itself for way too long.

In addition to improving relations, BP might possibly relate that UB’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership graduated 48 small business leaders from its core and advanced programs tonight, and that the CEL program now has 600 graduates who employ 20,000 Western New Yorkers.  He might just say that the CEL business leaders are themselves becoming an influential local collective. 

Yay!  UB is a great treasure in the area and as they increase their student population by 10,000 and their faculty and staff by 1,000, they will generate $100 million in direct additional revenue, plus potential for significant other local growth and spinoffs.  I can only encourage UB to grow even more.

I’m amazed that news articles, editorials and letters to the editor aren’t appearing daily in the paper about this.  If GM or Intel announced that it was building a facility that would add 10,000 jobs, every news channel and the paper would have a daily countdown.  What’s with that?  UB will soon be one of our very largest employers.  They deserve the attention.


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