Possible Buffalo Pundit Story #3

Since he’s been down for so long, I’m making up stories for Buffalo Pundit so you don’t have to.

If Buffalo Pundit were able to write today, he’d possibly write about the increasing irrelevance of the Buffalo News, which contains, much to their misfortune, news articles that are often devoid of any meat and mostly stale before the paper ever hits the street.

BP might possibly argue that the convenience of the Internet and its near real-time accessibility, the cost of labor leading to fewer beat reporters and an accompanying dependence on the wire services, the high cost of production leading to higher prices, a dwindling circulation leading to fewer advertisers, and the lack of a competing local newspaper have led to quality issues that cannot be overcome.  Pundit might possibly write that the News is a stegosaurus in a valley of bobcats.

Then again, Pundit might argue that the ingeniousness of putting nearly all comics on the same page, and the two and sometimes almost three whole pages devoted entirely (except for advertising) to City & Region make it worth the 50¢ one must pay to purchase the paper.

Okay, Pundit possibly mightn’t argue this.  But I might.  I personally like to read the comics, and I always read the obits to make sure I’m not in them.  And I always turn to the business page (and sometimes business two pages) but that’s because it’s where I’ll find the Dilbert comic.  Dilbert alone is worth 50¢.


4 Responses to Possible Buffalo Pundit Story #3

  1. Buffalo Blood Donor: Stand in Buffalo Pundit

    First…I did not realize Buffalo Blood Donor has his own blog…he has been added to my roll of blogs…
    Second…he has taken it upon himself to to stand in for Buffalo Pundit while Wnymedia.net gets their new site up and running with…

  2. Pauldub says:

    Comics first, then the editorial page (almost as funny), business, obits, local news.
    Sad thing? The local radio stations seem to rely on the News almost exclusively for their reports. The only reliable source nowadays for news and somewhat intelligent commentary is now the internet.

  3. Paul says:


    Thank you for the comment.

    I would be careful to use the term “reliable” and “Internet” in the same sentence. Unless you are willing to check the citations you may find yourself reading the same story on dozens of web sites, all of which cite the same and possibly suspicious source. One of my favorites was the “Looking at naked breasts 5 minutes a day helps men live longer” story that I must have seen on several somewhat reputable sites. The doctor who was cited really existed but alas, the story wasn’t true.

    On a more serious note, consider the case of George Bush’s military service and the furor that was caused, albeit temporarily, when CBS news released the now infamous report about George skipping out on it. Several derivative stories were based on it, and a few sites like the Daily Kos had to eat crow because of it.

    I actually believe that there are only a very few actual news sources anymore, and I struggle with researching articles to determine who supplied the original material. In that light, the Internet has actually slowed me down in my news reading because I cannot in good faith trust the article until I’ve figured out how it originated.

    Ah, life was so much more innocent when I believed everything I read in the Buffalo News and Courier Express.


  4. Pauldub says:

    Okay, maybe reliable is not the correct word. Out here I can find news, and enough versions where I can sort of figure out what’s going on. No matter if you agree with the way the News reports, it’s just one angle. And as the saying goes, “There’s no two ways about it, there are two sides to every story”.

    I rermember the Courier, the News, and every local paper (Kenmore Record Advertiser, Tonawanda News) that my father subscribed to. There was enough to keep you informed, and keep you thinking as well. One paper just doesn’t get it. So it’s the internet, the research that you speak of, and in the end you are an informed citizen. And they even have a site with all the comics you can handle.

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