Possible Buffalo Pundit Story #2

Since he’s been down for so long, I’m making up stories for Buffalo Pundit so you don’t have to.

If Buffalo Pundit were able to write today, he’d possibly write about the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s annual meeting that took place today at Asbury Hall at The Church.  Pundit might say that Andrew Rudnick, who appears to be loved by some and despised by others, gave a short speech about the move to consolidate several previously-independent community groups under the BNP umbrella:  Health Care Industries Association and Bufflink, for example, have been merged into the BNP Life Sciences Council, providing a more localized and focused support structure.  And that the complimentary objectives of the BNP and the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise were clearly delineated.

Pundit might possibly say that the best thing about this morning’s annual meeting was its location.  The renovation of The Church was a gift from Heaven.  BP might possibly thank Ani diFranco for her contribution to Buffalo’s heritage architecture.

BP might also possibly tell you that the BNP’s big push with Unshackle Upstate appears to be picking up steam and may just be able to influence Albany enough to change its attitude toward Upstate New York.  He might also possibly report that the 12 different BNP initiatives addressed in the Buffalo NOW campaign have been consolidated into 4 possibly meaningful topics, and that love them or hate them, the BNP has name recognition and therefore should not be ignored as a has-been or dead-end organization.

Since as of today I am now a member of its board of directors I’m sure I’ll write some future blog article about what I think happens inside that organization.


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