Possible Buffalo Pundit Story #1

Since he’s been down for so long, I’m making up stories for Buffalo Pundit so you don’t have to.

If Buffalo Pundit were able to write today, he’d possibly write about the ridiculous front-page article in yesterday’s Buffalo news regarding Wal-Mart forcing the state to provide health insurance coverage for its employees because Wal-Mart refuses to provide it themselves.  To which Pundit might possibly say:  “So just how many small retail businesses, who employ most of their employees at or just above the minimum wage, provide health insurance coverage for their employees?  For that matter, how many medium-sized retail businesses do this?  The only reason this is in the paper or even an issue is because it’s Wal-Mart.  And worse:  If this becomes a federal case then how long before every business that hires employees at minimum wage will be forced to provide health insurance as well?”

I think that the possbile Buffalo Pundit possibly might have a point, and in fact, my argument would be that if all businesses stopped providing health insurance coverage to their employees, it would not take very long before Congress did something to rein in the spiraling-out-of-control costs for health insurance.

Great possible thought, BP!

4 Responses to Possible Buffalo Pundit Story #1

  1. PAuldub says:

    The News does not include the information about other businesses that do not provide health insurance because Wal Mart is the villain of the day I guess. Your idea concerning all businesses dropping health coverage would create chaos, and I believe that might actually cause congress to do something.
    Good idea BBD/BP!

  2. Paul says:

    Yeah, my thought exactly.


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  4. Meggan Masur says:

    If you guys have nothing to say about the post topic then don’t say anything at all. You guys are obviously just spammers. Please refrain from such rude behavior .

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