Paris Hilton Goes to Jail

At 8:00 this morning a quick survey of the various news organizations made the Paris Hilton Goes to Jail very close to or at the top of its news list.  The rankings change rapidly during the day but I was curious to see the level of importance that the news organizations placed on this globally-important, earth-shattering and far-reaching event.

News Agency

Story Rank

Yahoo News
Fox News
CBS News
Associated Press
Google News
Not listed in top 10
Not listed in top 10

Most of the agencies are falling over themselves to get the dirt out.  Even the BBC was quick to give this story A-placement.

Is it the news directors who decide on story placement, or the advertising executives that are shelling out dollars for commercials between the news segments?

People just love to see the famous fall, don’t they?  I’m surprised the galactic news agencies didn’t pick up on it.

By creating this entry I’m also guilty of adding to the hype.  But it’s really bugging me that an event like this is getting so much press and air play, during a time when news reporting is being curtailed for economic reasons and there is so much more worthwhile stuff to report on.


4 Responses to Paris Hilton Goes to Jail

  1. Jeff says:

    15 American servicemen lost their lives in the past 3 days. That’s buried very deep in the news.

  2. Paul says:

    Funny how both the media and the public become dulled to repetitive news, no matter how bad it is. I vaguely remember this happening during the Vietnam War as well. However, being “plugged in” while on vacation made the front page of today’s Buffalo News. Hmmm…..

  3. The media buzz is so ridiculous..but people DO seem to be fascinated, like watching a train wreck I suppose. For a bit of Paris humor, I wrote a fun post on my blog about Paris Hilton…stop by and check it out:

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