Beautiful Buffalo Summers

Weather June 2, 2007

Too hot to write and too hot to read.  Ain’t it great?

It was as unpredictably warm and muggy for this year’s Tour de Cure as it was cold and rainy for last year’s.   The ride I chose – thirty miles – was flat and uneventful and there did not appear to be many riders who struggled to complete it.  But I’ll be drinking water the rest of the day trying to re-hydrate myself.  That is, until I get over to the Hellenic Festival, when I’ll switch to Ouzo.  Kudos to all the volunteers at the Tour de Cure who looked after us.

Two weeks from today is the Ride for Roswell, another charity event worth the participation.  Throughout the year Western New York has myriad charity events requiring physical activity of some kind – walking events like Relay for Life, an incredible number of running events, biking, and it seems a golf tournament a week.

Check out Buffalo Rising‘s event calendar, which is just crammed with all sorts of summer activities; and the website several detailed articles on a wide variety of things we can do this summer.

I love this area and especially this time of year.  As much as my grass needs a little water I do not regret the sunshine we’ve gotten this past month.

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