With Panic Comes Clarity

That’s my motto of late. I couldn’t find a reference to anyone famous who might have uttered this quote, so I claim first dibs on it.

My life has turned into one big procrastination. I cannot get fired up to work on major projects in a timely manner, and instead have waited until just before the deadline to dig into and finish them. The results have been adequate but getting up at 4 AM to go to work in order to complete a report that’s due at 9 AM is no way to live one’s life.

Even the choir pieces that I sang this past Saturday were sight-read that morning, and in my panic (and adrenalin rush) I was able to correctly sing everything but a surprise key change from B-flat to G. For me, that’s really clear thinking.

During my fits of panic things have gotten done, and as my plate clears of all the backlog, I can only hope a bit of normalcy returns to my career. Until then I will continue to find brief moments of clarity among hours of dawdling.

“With Panic Comes Clarity”, ™ 2007, Buffalo Blood Donor


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