Doing the Slow Burn at a Slow Mass

Sunday Mass at my church is normally unhurried, but today it was inordinately slow.  Today’s Mass took so long it nearly butted into the Mass scheduled to begin an hour and a half later.  Even my wife, who is by and large very patient about church-related activities, was frustrated.  It was inexcusably slow.  Everything about the service – including the music – was performed at a dirge-like pace. 

The readings, apparently, did not have, enough punctuation, to suit the lector, so he added, a few, punctuation marks, of his own.  Not.  Good.  Oratory.

There are parts of the Catholic Mass that demand – and should have – solemnity and time to contemplate.  But today had far too little contemplative delay and far too much delay related to preparation, delay getting to the music, delay in the readings, delay in just standing around.

This was delay to the point of frustration, and so I didn’t get much at all out of the service.  I love my church but this was one of those less-then-enjoyable moments that will be better off forgotten.

Here’s hoping for a turnaround next weekend.

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