To the Young Man Who Yelled at Me

I came to ask you why you were protesting in front of Kleinhans Music Hall during the World Trade Center celebration tonight.  Instead of explaining your cause you accused me of ruining Appalachia.  You accused me of stealing coal that didn’t belong to me.  You even accused me of killing Palestinian babies.

And I thought my company, which has nothing to do with the coal industry or the Mideast, was helping the world by supplying energy management and energy conservation technology.  I guess you showed me.

I gave you my business card out of hope you will call me to discuss your cause.  I would like to speak with you about what constitutes a silly person.  You see, you are a silly person.  You made the assumption that I was the enemy without asking me a single question.  Was it because I was wearing a tie?

Your cause – whatever it is – did not earn my respect, and neither did you.  I need to let you know that if you fail to understand that your advocates can come from any walk of life, then you will fail to find advocates, and your cause itself will fail.

I will be sure to tell my friends to be on the lookout for protesters who look to the eyes, but cannot see from their own.  They are the ones screaming into the vacuum.


One Response to To the Young Man Who Yelled at Me

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