Story of a Monster

Al Sanchez admitted to killing Joan Diver and two other women.  He admitted to being the Bike Path Rapist.

His story will be told in all the local blogs, the newspapers, television and, I’m sure, get some national attention.

I knew his wife, if only in passing.  I worked with her years ago.  I’m sure she never saw it coming, and I’m sure she’s devastated.

I posted a picture of Al and Kathy Sanchez taken at a party the day he killed Joan Diver.  You cannot tell that just hours earlier he was strangling the life out of someone.  No one could.  Such it is with monsters.

Someone once said that Satan will not arrive as a hideously looking creature but as you or me.  Looks like Buffalo has found its Satan.   We can only hope that his replacement does not arrive for a long time.


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