A Summary of Modern News Reporting

  • Heat rather than light
  • Edgy and Provocative rather than fact-filled and dry
  • High entertainment value, low informational value
  • Fantasy versus reality

Okay, the “fantasy” part is a little hyped.  However, in many cases those “what if” articles with which the media loves to entertain us are a bit overboard, border on the hysterical and are almost always based on a doomsday scenario:

  • Avian flu
  • Genetics run amok
  • Global warming
  • Terror alerts
  • Anything related to weapons of mass destruction
  • Housing

National news programs are so short – only around 22 minutes of total coverage in a lousy half-hour; and I gag every time I see Paris Hilton or Courtney Love or Anna Nicole Smith (is she still dead?) or Anna’s baby getting air time.  There are so many global and domestic issues – everything from Ireland to Chechnya to Jamaica to New Orleans – that have run their course and get virtually no additional air play.

It’s no wonder that most of America could care less about the rest of America, much less the rest of the world.  We don’t have a clue anymore about what’s really important and the news programs certainly don’t help us all that much.

But please, let us in on anything idiotic that Mel Gibson might say.  Now that’s real news.


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