Xenophobia at its Finest

For a number of years the Bush Administration and its neo-con supporters have been cajoling the EU into admitting Turkey sooner, rather than later.  The Administration holds up Turkey as the quintessential Democracy, a Muslim model that embraces freedom and the rule of law.  Aside from the harsh realities of Turkey today and its general (and growing) disdain for the U.S. policy in the Middle East, the Administration has been pushing hard to get Turkey into the EU.

Boy are the neo-cons in a quandary. 

Admitting Turkey in the EU automatically gives its citizens hassle-free immigration status to any other EU member country, so experts like Bernard Lewis expect Islam to spread even more quickly throughout Europe, and overtake Christianity as the principle religious belief by the end of the century.  Yet the spread of Arab – sorry, Muslim – immigration throughout Europe has the neo-cons crying foul about them and their terrorist tendencies, and they openly fear the rise of Eurabia. 

As if the tiny, tiny number of Islamic terrorists is representative of Muslim or Islamic attitudes.  That’s like saying the KKK is representative of U.S. culture.

There are millions and millions of Muslims from all sorts of nationalities and cultures (just as there are Christians from all nationalities and cultures).  And like most of us, most of them are just trying to get by.  [God are we good at stereotyping our fellow human beings.  Alien observers must have a great time watching us from orbit].

See this article for a brief introduction to the paradoxes of Turkey, and how scholars held in very high esteem by the current Administration are equating terrorism with Muslim immigrants.  It’s scary.

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