Time to Myself


This is about the scenery at the tops of the hills in Wales, New York.  Ride out on a sunny day just south of Route 20A in Aurora and head to any of the roads running east/west through the town.  Take Goodleberg Road, for instance.  On the Vermont Hill side it’s got this really old cemetery that’s worth a respectful walk in it.  Just a little further down the road is where the one-lane bridge, long in disrepair, has been closed off.  Stepping over the bridge to the other side, where the road sort of continues, and you’ll end up on moss-covered asphalt with a short but steep walk up to where the road ends at Hunters Creek.  Nature is steadily reclaiming this part of Goodleberg for itself.

The air smells clean and the only sounds are from crickets and the babbling brook.  I come out here to get away from the drone of our electrified lives.

If I could afford to buy 20 acres I would move there in a heartbeat.


One Response to Time to Myself

  1. Goodleberg Community says:

    FYI: The Goodleberg Cemetery area is NOT as peaceful as it seems. Countless invaders every year (15-20 cars per night in the summertime) arrive in search of ghosts or a cheap thrill.

    New Town board rulings are making it even more illegal to be there at night.

    In the meantime, we, the neighbors, continue our drive to rid the area of disrespectful idiots.

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