Bring Democracy Back

My recent writing has decidedly headed South toward the morose.  I actually consider myself fun-loving and always looking on the bright side.  My wife once called me pollyannish.  But of late I’ve been worried.

I’m worried about the war in Iraq, how derisive it’s become, how it’s dividing the U.S., how it appears to have debased us in this world, how it’s affected the Middle East, how it’s turned so many young Americans cynical, how it’s wrecked not one but two countries, how it seems to be turning terrorists into role models for others to follow, how the number of willing suicide bombers seems to be increasing, not decreasing.

I’m worried about hawkish conservative ideology and how it tries to assert its vision of morality and imperialism on others.  I’m worried about xenophobia and the growing fear of those who are culturally different.  I’m worried about how our nation has tarnished the image of Democracy.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal…”  Our own Declaration of Independence does not declare this just for all Americans but for all.  We seem to be failing at this, both within and outside our borders.

Time will tell if this decade is remembered as a glorious time for the U.S. or as a period of decline.  I, personally, cannot wait for it to end.


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